Soniferous Cities; Islands of Sound is a web project of DrSonique (Nigel Helyer) that hosts prototypes of image/sound interactivity. You are invited to visit a new work undertaken as the Artist in Residence for the Broken Hill City Art Gallery, entitled “The Past is our Future; The Future is our Past.” This project will take the form of two large installations, but also as a series of short online movies that are accessed via QR codes which are displayed in the Gallery but also gracing beer coasters in local pubs and as stickers in a range of random sites around town 🙂

Hopefully, you will be so intrigued that you will hop onto the Broken Hill express (a thirteen-hour trip from Sydney’s Central Station) or take a rather long drive to the far west of remote NSW – it is an education if you have not been there before!

Soniferous Cities; Islands of Sound.

Off duty on the Island of Örö.

This is a prototype site designed to test the association of image and sound as it relates to landscape and acoustic-ecology. The initial testing was carried out in 2019 on the Finnish Island of Örö – the content was later developed into a site-specific sound and image work that linked on-site QR codes with this web platform.

Another Finnish Island, Kokar also features a series of image sound studies, produced during an Artist in Residence in 2011.

The Pythagoras Archipelago is living proof that not all Islands are made of solid rock – but of solid concepts. Take a short voyage around your favourite geometrical shapes and listen to the voices of the observed and the observer.

New on the Block – The Past is our Future, the Future is our Past, a new exhibition at the Broken Hill City Art Gallery which opens on September 30th 2022 that mixes the town’s tough working class history with fictional flights of fancy!

The site is developing slowly and currently contains four projects and an essay – please keep an eye and an ear out for new content.